Sukrut systems believes in knowledge creation and value building in its various domains of activities. Sukrut is mainly active in telecom, networking, VoIP and NGN solutions, M2M platform for Industrial and Rural Automation applications, IT/ITES solutions, Embedded products and design services, Bluetooth and UWB for PAN & HAN networks, and RFID project implementation and consultancy. In addition to the products and serives as mentioned, Sukrut is also active in training in the associated domains of expertise.

M2M Planning and strategic consulting

Sukrut Systems offers M2M Planning & Strategic consulting for enterprise clients interested in rolling out their M2M application and services for their customers. This includes defining underline problems, various ways to tackle the underlining problem, defining how M2M technology can help, what are best options available with respect to the existing M2M solution in the space, and the impact analysis of introducing new technology both organizational as well as financial. In case there is no existing solution fills the gap, we further provide study on specific requirements, solution design, the technologies involved, generic vis-à-vis proprietary protocols and help in project management of various components involved in the development lifecycle.

M2M Application Development

  • Management Information Systems (MIS) for Silent ObserverTM
  • Financial Inclusion & Middle ware development
  • Automated Weather Station (AWS) application
  • MIS integration with social media such as Twitter
  • RFID + GPS based MIS for Asset Management System
  • Enterprise Energy Management and AMR
  • Vehicle Telematics

2D data mapping via Wireless Sensor Network

  • Specified area monitoring
  • Data collection
  • Data Integration and representation on MIS application

M2M Solutions

  • Energy Monitoring
  • GPS Based Monitoring
  • Environmental / Weather Monitoring
  • Telecom Tower Monitoring
  • Bluetooth Advertising Solution
  • E-Governance
  • Disaster Management/Infotainment
  • Agricultural Monitoring / Irrigation


  • Asterisk
  • Video and VoIP Phone
  • High availability/Load Balancing Cluster
  • Billing (A2Billing)
  • IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS)
  • Next Generation Networks (NGN)
  • VoIP Switch

Embedded Systems and DSP

  • Ebook Reader/ Netbook
  • Interactive White Board
  • Augmented Reality
  • Gaming Terminal
  • Element Management Systems (EMS)
  • DSP Audio/ Video Speech Codecs